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WVU Tech Plans – Transition from Montgomery to Beckley

As you are aware, our WVU Tech institutional proposal is to teach classes on both the Montgomery and Beckley campuses in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. Beginning in Fall 2017, classes will only be taught in Beckley. We expect to deliver limited classes in Summer 2017, and these will be either online or based in Montgomery.

WVU Tech will continue to provide you with full academic, residential, and extracurricular opportunities on the Montgomery campus through the Spring 2017 semester. Beginning in Fall 2017, WVU Tech will continue to offer those opportunities to the whole student body on the Beckley campus only. In Fall 2016, the first cohort of students will arrive at WVU Tech’s new facility in Beckley which will be operated in parallel with the campus in Montgomery. The Beckley campus will provide high-quality classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, services, and recreation to support this first cohort. Your academic success and graduation are very important to us, and I am writing to provide you with information on the pathway to completing your degree during this period of transition.

Transition Timeline

2016 Spring & Fall 
2017 Spring & Summer
All courses normally provided on the Montgomery campus will continue to be provided.
Fall 2016 First classes offered on the Beckley campus. 
Fall 2017 WVU Tech’s transition from the Montgomery campus to the Beckley campus will be completed. No further classes will be offered at Montgomery.

Location for Study and Graduation

We will continue to offer our full spectrum of programs and courses in Montgomery in Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017. Those of you with approximately 45 credits or less needed to meet your degree requirements (including the credits that you are taking during the Spring 2016 semester) are likely to be able to complete your degrees in Montgomery by May 2017. However, this depends on the number of credits that you complete successfully towards that goal in each semester and whether your classes are scheduled so that you can satisfy prerequisites. Those of you with a much higher count of credits to complete your degree can study in Montgomery through Spring 2017, and then complete your degree requirements on the Beckley campus, starting in Fall 2017. We will offer all of the courses that you need to complete your degree on the Beckley campus beginning in Fall 2017. If you plan to study towards a second WVU Tech degree or major, or add a minor, you will still be able to pursue your plan on the Beckley campus from Fall 2017 onwards.

Importance of Visiting with Advisor

Please review your own progress and consult your advisor as soon as possible to determine your most likely pathway to graduation. As you plan for your degree completion, you should also note that our 2016-2017 WVU Tech academic catalog will reflect the new GEF (General Education Foundations) instead of the GEC (General Education Curriculum) that was used when you first enrolled. You should work closely with your advisor to see whether the new catalog may allow you to graduate sooner than the catalog at the time of your first enrollment.


During this period of transition, faculty, advisors and administrators will work with you closely and cooperatively to assist and enable your graduation. If you are suspended or placed on probation, this could delay your graduation. In some circumstances, we may waive suspension or probation if we believe that it will be productive and enable your degree completion on the Montgomery campus. You will have opportunities to take online courses offered through the Montgomery campus. These may assist you with a timely graduation, but you will not be obliged to substitute online instruction for in-seat or blended instruction except as is commonplace today for the Montgomery programs. We will not restrict you from taking courses on either campus during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. However, if you are a student-athlete you need to adhere to location requirements provided by the Director of Athletics. Also, please be aware that the courses offered on the Beckley campus in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 will be primarily GEF and entry-level courses aimed at first-year students and first-semester sophomore students, and may prove unsuitable to satisfy your teach-out if you are far advanced in your degree.

Currently, if your permanent address falls outside a 50-mile radius from the Montgomery campus, you are required to reside in on-campus housing, unless you meet an exemption outlined in the on-campus housing policy. After careful consideration of how relocating from Montgomery to Beckley may impact students, we have taken steps to alleviate what may be an unanticipated, financial burden regarding on-campus housing. Accordingly, existing WVU Tech students enrolled as of January 1, 2016, who are exempt from residing on the Montgomery campus, will also be exempt from residing in University housing on the Beckley campus, should they decide to enroll there, even if their permanent address is greater than 50 miles from the Beckley campus. Likewise, current on-campus students, as of January 1, 2016, who choose to enroll at the Beckley campus beginning Fall 2016 will not be required to reside on the Beckley campus if their permanent address falls within 50 miles of the Beckley campus.

Let me encourage each and every WVU Tech student to visit his or her advisor to review the pathway to graduation during these campus transitions.

I wish you the very best in your continuing studies at WVU Tech.


Nigel N. Clark, Ph.D.
Campus Provost

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